NEW Elegance Pocket 4500 Super King Mattress

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Looking for a luxury mattress the Elegance pocket 4500 probably is the best mattress we ever stocked. 

The Elegance Mattress from our our Craftsman's range has been hand made by with incredible Eco-friendly qualities. It has an array of incredible features that work together to create a breathable, comfortable mattress that will aim to give you a refreshing, rejuvenating sleep each night, allowing you to wake up feeling well rested. It features a plus pillow top with the mattress with a unique pattern along the border,

Pocket Sprung Interior: The Elegance Mattress has an incredible 4500 count pocket spring system in place which adds amazing comfort to the mattress and provides you with personalized support and response. It moulds to the contours of your body, which provides pressure point relief and helps you achieve a deeper and more restful sleep. The springs have been encapsulated in foam.
Natural Latex: The Elegance Mattress boasts an amazing natural latex upholstery layer that provides anti-allergen qualities to the mattress, helping with allergy flare up. It also helps you maintain the mattress shape for longer, providing incredible support.
Micro Quilted Fabric: The Elegance Mattress has been made with micro-quilted, soft knit fabric, providing softness and comfort to the pillow top and mattress, providing an even sleeping surface.
Airflow Springs: It has a 3000 Posturfil HD Airflow Spring layer which adds extra conforming comfort and helps with breathability

Mattress Tension: Medium
Mattress Depth: 35 cm

Height (cm)
Width (cm) 182
Depth (cm) 198

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