Respa Pocket Gel elite Super King Mattress

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  • Your Dreamy Escape: The Gel Pock Spring Elite Mattress balances medium support with comfort, ensuring every sleep feels like a nightly spa retreat.
  • RespaForm Pocket Spring Elegance: Boasts a pocket spring system that caters to your unique comfort needs, like a bespoke dress for your body, but for sleep.
  • Cool Comfort with RespaGel: Infused with RespaGel, it regulates sleep temperature with the finesse of a thermostat set to “perfect.”
  • Sleepfresh Technology for the Cleanest of Dreams: Uses natural probiotics for allergen control, promising a sleep environment as pristine as your freshly done laundry.
  • Thermoregulation Your Nightly Climate Control: Advanced technology ensures your body temperature stays as stable as your love for weekend brunches.
  • Quilted Luxury You Can Feel: Features luxurious quilting with cushioning layers that offer comfort and design as distinctive as your favourite piece of statement jewellery.
  • Reinforced Side Supports Strength on the Edges: Enhanced side supports promise durability and integrity, much like the reliable friend who’s always there to prop you up.


Height (cm) 29
Width (cm) 182
Depth (cm) 198

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